Minnesota Triangle spotted August 2nd 2007
Driving down County 1, near Stewartville, MN. Sighting occurred at 10:45pm, on Thursday 08/02/07.

Saw a bright light coming in my direction from the horizon. As the light neared, I noticed it didn't look 'normal' so I pulled to the side of the road.

The thing looked like it was heading right at my vehicle, but made a sharp right turn at the last second - almost directly over me. I rolled my window down to listen to the craft as it passed. It appeared to be making a roaring sound. As the craft tipped on it's side to turn, I snapped one picture with my phone. The triangular shape of the object was only apparent at this angle. Then it leveled-out and drifted into obscurity to my left. Very fast moving. Whole sighting was under a minute.

The craft's elevation, its speed, its light configuration tell me that this was no ordinary airplane. I wouldn't rush to say that it was of alien origin, but definitely something I can't explain and never have seen before.